Friday, January 7, 2011

Certificate of Inauthenticity

San Francisco gallery Park Life received a cease-and-desist letter from Jeff Koons to stop selling a balloon-dog bookend. This balloon-dog bookend is orange in color, matte, and the size of a real balloon dog (made of a standard 260Q balloon). “Wait, I’m confused, isn’t his ENTIRE FUCKING CAREER based on co-opting other peoples work/objects?”, reads a post on the gallery’s blog from December 21. (Via Park Life Blog which is in turn via Artinfo).

If I were the gallery owner, I would sell the balloon dog bookend (priced $30), together with a copy of Jeff Koons's ceast-and-desist letter, for $70-$100 more, since this is now an art piece, and donate that part of the proceeds to a local arts organization that supports artists' rights.

Update 01.19.2010: This story is now on NYTimes.

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